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  • Vincenzo Furcas


A display of signature lamps from the top brands on the market that I would not have expected. The top was Castiglioni's Arco with a crystal base.

  • Guido di Benedetto


Excellent supplier, competitive prices and always available.
Fast, accurate and reliable.

  • Valentina Novaro


If you are looking for designer and quality lighting items, I highly recommend visiting the Dessy showroom.

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Urmet CallMe device call forwarding for Kit 1722 1722/58A

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Urmet CallMe device for call forwarding for kit 1722.
Allows forwarding of video door phone calls to the mobile phone or tablet remotely. Answer and open the two doors on the push-button panels of the kit from your mobile wherever you are.


  • Possibility to interrogate the push-button panel cameras from the mobile phone without having received the call
  • Compatible with kits 1722/81, 1722/83, 1722/85 and 1722/86
  • App available for Android and iOS
  • operating systems
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