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  • Vincenzo Furcas


A display of signature lamps from the top brands on the market that I would not have expected. The top was Castiglioni's Arco with a crystal base.

  • Guido di Benedetto


Excellent supplier, competitive prices and always available.
Fast, accurate and reliable.

  • Valentina Novaro


If you are looking for designer and quality lighting items, I highly recommend visiting the Dessy showroom.

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Philips 342123116 Vanitas Wall Lamp Integrated White Led

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Philips InStyle Wall light Vanitas white LED InStyle 34212/31/16 Decorate your home with light modern bathroom lighting lamp A tribute to modern angular design.This beautiful white wall light generates a warm white light, ideal for your daily bathroom routine.Dim the light and create the perfect atmosphere for a warm bath at the end of the day.Bring well-being to your bathroom with high-quality light • In the bathroom, seeing clearly is essential • A wide choice of applications • High power LEDs • Adjustable light intensity thanks to the dimmer.Furnish your bathroom with reliable lighting • Furnish your bathroom with light • IP44, perfectly suited to your bathroom Illuminate while respecting the environment • Ultra-long life • Energy saving 342123116 Vanitas wall light white, LED Highlights Seeing well is essential Having good visibility in the mirror is essential for taking care of your appearance.For this reason each lamp provides a high quality light source.The bathroom lighting range uses the latest energy saving technologies and provides powerful yet natural lighting.Numerous applications The choice of wall and ceiling lights is very large.The range includes large ceiling lights to illuminate the entire bathroom in a natural and pleasant way and, in addition, wall lights that provide a clear, bright and shadow-free light for tasks that require precision in front of the mirror such as shaving, make-up and contact lens insertion.High power LED Adjustable intensity against dust, while the second to protect against water.This bathroom lamp has been designed with IP44: it offers protection against splashes of water, making it the ideal product for use in the bathroom.Ultra-long life Adjust the light intensity using the dimmer (not included).This makes it easy to adapt the bathroom lighting to your needs and create the mood you want.Fill your bathroom with light InStyle bathroom lamps enhance any bathroom thanks to their solid and elegant structure.High-quality, resistant materials such as brushed steel, aluminum and glass combine with attention to the smallest details, such as rounded, smooth edges and machined surfaces with no protruding parts.The range offers a wide choice of contemporary designs and elegant, decorative touches with a simple, clean style.IP44 - safe for the bathroom A reliable light source.Philips LED lighting systems offer a minimum lifetime of 20.000 hours (i.e. 20 years based on an average daily use of 3 hours and at least 13.000 on/off cycles).With these systems you will no longer have to think about maintenance or replacing the light bulb while enjoying the right atmosphere at home.Energy saving The LED module of this lamp is a unique solution developed by Philips.It encloses 3 LEDs in an aluminum and synthetic material structure.It allows for optimal light output and a perfectly uniform light tone.Rigorously tested to ensure its water resistance, this Philips bathroom light is specially designed for humid environments.The IP level is indicated by two digits: the first refers to the level of protection Compared to traditional light sources, this Philips lamp allows you to save on your bill and respect the environment.342123116 Vanitas wall light white, LED Specifications Appearance and finish Additional functionality/accessory included Maximum bulb life: 20.000 hours Beam opening: 35° Total lumens emitted by the luminaire: 290 lm Dimmable LED luminaire IP code: IP44, protection against objects larger than 1 mm, protection against splashes of water • Protection class: I - grounded • Light source equivalent to a traditional bulb of: 56 W Product dimensions and weight Service • Material: aluminum, synthetic material • Color: white • • • • • • • • Dimmable intensity: YES Built-in LED: YES Waterproof: YES 5 years LED module warranty: YES Height: 13 cm Length: 8.9 cm Width: 11.4 cm Net weight: 0.733 Kg • • • • • • • Warranty: 2 years Package dimensions and weight Specifications technical • Mains voltage: 220 V to 240 V, 50-60 Hz • Bulb technology: LED, Extremely low safety voltage • Number of bulbs: 1 • Wattage including bulb: 6 W • Light colour: warm white • • • • Height: 15.6 cm Length: 15.5 cm Width: 11.3 cm Pe weight: 0,950 Kg Various • Specially designed for: Bathroom • Style: Modern • Type: Wall light •

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