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  • Vincenzo Furcas


A display of signature lamps from the top brands on the market that I would not have expected. The top was Castiglioni's Arco with a crystal base.

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Excellent supplier, competitive prices and always available.
Fast, accurate and reliable.

  • Valentina Novaro


If you are looking for designer and quality lighting items, I highly recommend visiting the Dessy showroom.

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Philips LED SlimDownlight Ledinaire Slim G2 DN065B 11W 1000lm 110D - 840 Natural White | 175mm - PHI 67941500

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General and accent lighting

LED downlights are similar to LED spotlights , but have a wider beam angle. In fact, LED downlight lamps can have a medium beam (25° - 40°), which is perfect for accent lighting, or a wide/very wide beam (41° - >91° ) which is used for general lighting. This Philips LED downlight can be used in many working environments and/or private homes.

Usage applications

Where it is best to use a luminaire depends on the characteristics of the product itself. For example, an LED downlight that emits warm white light (2,700K) is perfect for the hospitality sector or in homes. Downlights with warm white light (3,000K) are more suitable for general areas, such as cafeterias, waiting rooms, reception rooms or corridors. Finally, warm white (4,000K) and very warm white (6,500K) light are good for offices, schools, laboratories and hospitals. This luminaire has a color temperature of  4000K - Cool White K. Another factor to consider is the color rendering of the fixture. For environments where color plays an important role, such as in an art gallery or clothing store, then a color rendering of 90-99 Ra is more effective than the standard 80-89 Ra. This downlight has a CRI of  80-89 Ra.

Energy efficiency

This LED downlight consumes up to 70% less than a conventional luminaire but has a high light output. In fact, despite consuming only 11 W it emits light of 1000 lm and belongs to energy class F. The large energy savings deriving from the use of LED technology have a significant impact both on the electricity bill and on the environment. Furthermore, LEDs are also recyclable since they do not contain toxic substances.

Full guarantee

LEDs are famous for their long life and for emitting intense, flicker-free light right up to the end, which greatly reduces maintenance and replacement costs. This downlight has a life cycle of approximately 50,000 hours. Furthermore, this item is protected by our full 5-year guarantee. What are you waiting for? Switch to LED!

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