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  • Vincenzo Furcas


A display of signature lamps from the top brands on the market that I would not have expected. The top was Castiglioni's Arco with a crystal base.

  • Guido di Benedetto


Excellent supplier, competitive prices and always available.
Fast, accurate and reliable.

  • Valentina Novaro


If you are looking for designer and quality lighting items, I highly recommend visiting the Dessy showroom.

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UPS ERA PLUS 1200 schuko together - Tecnoware FGCERAPL1202SCH

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Are you looking for an uninterruptible power supply to protect Personal Computers, DVR/NVRs, video surveillance systems, cash registers, etc.? You're in the right place, the Elestore staff recommends UPS ERA PLUS 1200VA with line interactiv plus technology.

How does it work? When the mains is present, the UPS protects the connected equipment by means of the stabilizer circuit from persistent drops or rises in voltage. In the event of a blackout, it intervenes by supplying power with pseudo-sinusoidal waveform energy. This technology is particularly suitable for the protection of PCs, DVR/NVR and video surveillance systems, ADSL/fibre modems, switches/routers, cash registers. Totally silent.

UPS ERA PLUS 1200VA has 1 fixed SCHUKO input cable and 2 SCHUKO outputs protected by Black-Out, overvoltage and undervoltage. Equipped with On-Off button with integrated multifunction LED and audible alarm for signaling the operating status.

UPS ERA PLUS 1200VA characteristics:

  • Code: FGCERAPL1202SCH;
  • Rated power: 1200VA;
  • Active power: 840W;
  • Number of input/output phases: 1F+N;
  • Nominal voltage; Single-phase 230Vac;
  • Complete protection against blackouts and voltage fluctuations (overvoltage and undervoltage);
  • Not suitable with power supplies with Active PFC circuit (Servers, PC games, video game consoles, workstations, Mac computers), lamps and electric motors;
  • AVR voltage stabilization electronic circuit;
  • n°2 Italian/Schuko outlet sockets and n°1 schuko input cable;
  • Outlet sockets protected against blackout;
  • Output sockets protected against overvoltages;
  • Multifunction LED and on-off button;
  • USB port for UPS control/monitoring and on/off programming using the Tecnomanager software;
  • Protection degree: IP20.
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