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  • Vincenzo Furcas


A display of signature lamps from the top brands on the market that I would not have expected. The top was Castiglioni's Arco with a crystal base.

  • Guido di Benedetto


Excellent supplier, competitive prices and always available.
Fast, accurate and reliable.

  • Valentina Novaro


If you are looking for designer and quality lighting items, I highly recommend visiting the Dessy showroom.

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VELAMP - CRUISER: 15W (1600lm) solar charge lamp with motion sensor - SL373

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Ultra Bright: The 15W solar street light is equipped with 40 SMD LEDs that provide super bright illumination for an outdoor area of ​​approximately 40-50m². It can be installed on a pole or fixed to the wall and offers you 1600 lumens. The 5000mAh large-capacity lithium battery ensures long autonomy, even for days without sunshine. Intelligent Charging Technology: The built-in solar panel converts sunlight into electricity with high efficiency (9.5W monocrystalline). The latest generation charging system makes the solar panel rechargeable even on cloudy or rainy days. Guaranteed lighting for 365 days a year. With motion sensor: the street light charges during the day and turns on automatically at night. Operating modes: 1) first 5 hours of lighting: it is always on at 20% of its power. It turns on at full power (1600 lumens) when movement is detected in a distance of 8 meters. After 20 seconds without movement, the brightness returns to 20% of the power. maximum brightness. 2) after the first 5 hours of lighting or when the battery capacity is less than 30%: the light is off. Turns on at full power when motion is detected, then turns down to 20% after 20 seconds and then turns off after 5 minutes. Versatile outdoor light: the lamp was designed to be outdoors. And therefore resistant to water (IP65 certified), UV and atmospheric agents (hyper-resistant polycarbonate). The street light works from -15℃ to 50℃, withstand extreme weather conditions, such as lightning, rain, snow. Perfect for the garden, patio, courtyard, garage, lay-by, car park, business, etc. Easy to install: This outdoor solar light is easy to install. You don't need to bring an electric cable, make trenches etc... it's totally wireless. And it's also a great saving: 0 euros in the bill! It can be wall or pole mounted (straight or curved), the recommended installation height is about 3-5 meters.
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